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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Just a Warm up game

That's how I choose to view this past Sunday's game. We didn't look like the team that won 8 of 9 down the stretch, and that's ok, so long as Coach Wolff is hard at work on a game plan on how to beat Albany.

It didn't seem like our heads were in the game. We made some mental mistakes, but made up for those with some great three point shooting. Problem was, we had no inside presence. We just couldn't get the ball inside.

Hopefully Wolff can fix our problems, especially since Albany did a pretty decent job in shutting down John Holland. You could tell their focus was on him, otherwise Corey and Carlos wouldn't have combined for 7 threes. Carlos looked great by the way.

And here's a little nugget of slight hope: Tyler Morris, who was in street clothes on Sunday, is rumored to be available on Saturday night. If that's the case, I like our chances a lot more.

It's a shame we couldn't pull out a win, since our matchup would be a lot more favorable. It was a tight battle for a huge portion of the game, then BU hit a scoring drought, and fell too far behind. On a neutral court, who knows what'll happen? Our guys have to be pumped about the chance to knock out the defending AE champs.

If that's not enough, I saw on the news today that three retards from the Albany team got mohawks for this weekend. How can you not be pumped about sending three idiots with mohawks packing?


At 10:12 PM, Blogger The Hot Dog said...

1 of whom is Brett Gifford.

He's making it too easy.

At 10:32 PM, Blogger the High Roller said...

yeah the kid looked ridiculous already. Not sure why he would do that to himself, but he is going to hear it this weekend.


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