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Saturday, February 23, 2008

A MUST win game at St. Peters...hehe, Peter.

You heard it correctly, we can not, must not lose this "BracketBuster" game. Our chance of making the NCAA tournament hinges on this game. Lose, and that's it. Season's over. Wrap it up.

And St. Peter's has just as much to play for, since a BU win will bust their proverbial bracket. Yes, we are the only roadblock between this 6-20 MAAC team and the NCAA tournament in March.

This game will be a real test of our team's ability to perform under pressure, because I'm sure they are fully aware of what is at stake.

And if we lose, so what? There's always the America East tournament.

Prediction: BU wins it 74-62 and a double-double from John Holland.


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