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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Making amends for the UMBC game

As part of our effort to add 32 pieces of flair to our humble weblog, I had big plans for the big BU vs. UMBC matchup back on February 17th. Loyal readers might remember that we never actually wrote anything about that game, despite the fact that it was actually a game that I could go and see in person, AND it was on TV, AND it was a huge game for BU.

So I went to the game, and was able to get B-Wags to come with me, and I even Tivo'd it to try and put video highlights up. But then I dropped the ball. I kept trying to figure out how to transfer Tivo to the computer, cut the video into clips, successfully put them on to YouTube... and nothing ever got written about the game.

This is a familiar pattern for those who have looked forward to reading about our experiences at the America East tournament the last two years. There is so much to write about and we always have big plans for it, but there is almost TOO much to write about and anything less than a full report seems lame. Also, we are always too drunk for the whole time. So we end up not writing anything while we're there, despite the pure gold that we're witnessing, and by the time we get around to it, nobody really cares anymore since the season is over.

Well that's going to change right now. The following four videos are some of the highlights of this amazing game, a game that I called one of the best AE games I have witnessed in person. Everyone was making shots for both teams, tons of ties and lead changes, and the lead never went above 4 points for almost the entire game... UMBC just came out a little ahead at the end of 40 minutes. (And by the way, we hope to put up more videos, so you can subscribe to our YouTube channel if you wish)

Now, B-Wags was at last year's AE tourney, but he had never seen John HOLLA in person (and I'm permanently borrowing that phrase from the Hot Dog). I promised B-Wags a mammoth dunk from Johnny (much like I had promised Burger Man against Maine), and late in the second half, Johnny delivered:

The next highlight came near the very end of the game, just over a minute to go, BU down by 3. Corey decided to take matters into his own hands:

Finally, these are the "un-highlights" of the game. These are the last two possessions for BU, both under a minute left and trailing by a possession. Poor Scott Brittain - undeniably having a great season, but this was not his game...sigh:

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