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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Two frustrating games

BU games are becoming so demoralizing these days that I can only write them 2 at a time. Which is fine because the last two games made me feel exactly the same way. Both games were broadcast on NESN, and I made the mistake of watching both games.

BU is just extremely frustrating game to watch. When the outside shots arent falling, we are unable to do anything else. Tyler and Carlos aren't doing anything these days, so that leaves us with one scoring option - not enough.

The Hartford game from Saturday was bad... but I think the Albany game was worse. It's one thing to lose to a decent team on the road (and yes, Hartford is a decent team). It's another thing if BU can't even get up for a home game against the defending champs, with 1500 fans present. The crowd looked AMAZING on TV last night -- I wish I was there! -- but we still came out flat.

The worst part is, each game we got into a big deficit early, and then we came back to make it close, giving me hope!! And then of course, the hope is dashed, we lose by 7 or 9 - and I feel like feasting on the brains of the next poor soul who tries to talk to me.

Sorry to vent. Frustrated right now.

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At 11:55 AM, Blogger Matt said...

a few relevant points to note on our loss to albany.
1.whenever wolfe yelled out a play from the bench, the albany team responded by yelling it out even louder to their defensive squad- they knew our plays. time to change the names maybe?
2. we're halfway into the season and we have no starting five. how the hell is the team supposed to develop chemistry this way?
- all point to bad coaching.
and im gonna gonna say something that might be unpopular, but whatever. perhaps if our point gaurd didn't score so much, didn't take half our teams shot total per game, maybe we would have a better functioning offense? i dont know, it just seems that even when he scores alot, we still lose. im tired of his bad shot decisions too.


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