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Friday, December 22, 2006

Enough of this schoolwork garbage, back to hoops

Now that finals are over, we can get back to the reason these guys are really at BU: to play basketball. The team has been silent for over two weeks now, and with the exception of Ibe I hope they didn't forget how they were playing before the break. BU nearly knocked off a good UMass team at the Greek on 12/8 by slowing down the tempo of the game, and they'll need to do the same tonight against URI. We can only hope that Wolff doesn't call a timeout before the winning shot again, if it comes to that.

Rhode Island (6-5) has a better record than BU (3-5) so far this year, but their RPI (235) isn't as good (208). In their last two games, URI beat a not great Utah team and lost to a not bad DePaul. They're a young team like BU, tough to figure out - I think they're better than BU, but definitely not unbeatable.

One thing to watch for will be the coaching. D-Wolff flat outcoached Travis Ford in the UMass game, and URI's Jim Baron isn't exactly known for his genius on the sidelines. Interesting note: both coaches are locked in (for better or worse) for loooooong contracts at their schools into the next decade, and both have their sons on the roster. Mini-Baron has been a solid contributor for the Rams with 15 points per game - could this be the game that Mini-Wolff comes back to the Terriers' lineup?


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