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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Do or Die

Tonight's game is not only a should-win, it's a must-win. If we can't beat UMBC at home, then this season is really in the crapper.

UMBC already beat us once, but it was basically dumb luck that our two players collided, leaving their forward all alone underneath the hoop for the easy lay-up to win the game.

This time we need to take control from the beginning, and enter half-time with a decent lead. If we end the first half up by 7, then I'll guarantee you a win. And that's a ballsy statement, considering our season thus far.

I'll be at the roof tonight, along with an estimation of roughly 200 fans. You can't expect any more than that for a basketball team (plaing UMBC) that's been mediocre all season. Hell, 4 days after our amazing defeat of Vermont last year at a sold out Greek, we only filled 159 seats at the roof.

At least it'll feel like we're back at home when we return to the roof. Let's win this one and start a streak that'll finish the year strong.


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