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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Purple is a pretty gay color anyway

Which way should I go with this one? Should I do an in-depth analysis of today's game and the key factors, or should I just make fun of the classless state-school "students" who feel it's necessary to throw things at the opposing teams bench when they are down by 15? I mean I've been seriously tempted to throw my soda at Brennan when he watched a game at the roof (and I would have if I were drunk and with the rest of the crew), but I have some decency.

We lost, yes, but solice can be taken in the fact that we never, ever gave up. That's a sign of a group of players who play for the love of the game. The Assassin has finally come back to full form, and KG did his usual thing, of being a fuckin dominant beast. Too bad they won't share their secret with the rest of the team, that the ball has to go through the hoop more times than the other team if you want to win.

Well of course I'm joking. All of our roll players stepped up and scored some points, except for Geff 'n' Gaff. Why coach didn't play these guys for one minute is beyond me. I really think it would have helped our chances greatly, but I guess Wolff thought not.

I can also take solice in the fact that few of our remaining games mean anything, cause at this point, it all comes down to the tournament. I suggest you get your tickets now, cause this will be one of the best tournaments in years.


At 11:30 PM, Anonymous Mom said...

I was at the game tonight, the only red shirt in a sea of purple. It was tough, but I stayed faithful to the Terriers to the end. And at one point I thought we might have a chance to pull off a victory, but it wasn't to be. It was a valiant run in the last 10 minutes or so, but just not enough.

I'm glad I went, even though I was accompanied by a UAlbany fan. Lots of the fans really were pretty obnoxious, especially the ones in front of us. It was obvious they didn't come to watch a game, because they never even looked at the court. I don't think I ever encountered the same kind of behavior at a BU home game. I'd like to see at least one more game in Boston before the High Roller graduates. Win or lose, it's a much better place to watch them play.

At 12:00 AM, Blogger ginzo said...

don't count on seeing Geff and Gaff much the rest of the year.


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