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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Winning With Integrity: The Binghamton Preview

I'll admit it: I circled this game as a win as soon as Tiki Mayben, DJ Rivera and the rest of the Cailfornia Penal League got kicked off the team over the summer. Wouldn't you have? Those guys represented like 90 percent of their returning talent. Yes they won the championship, but everyone who got them there is now gone, including smarmy coach Kevin Broadus. Old friend Dennis Wolff said, "I'm not sure they can win a game this year."

And here we are, January 14, and Binghamton has 7 wins and is an OT loss away from being undefeated in the league.

I delighted in those losers getting booted, as well as the crying of their annoying fans afterward, as much as anybody. However, it's somewhat gratifying and even inspiring that this rag-tag group of underachievers, even if they play for Binghamton, is putting together a run on their grit alone. We can learn something from this group; it's better to lose a few games and keep your integrity, than to sacrifice your values for a few wins.

That all said... let go down there and beat the shit out of them tonight.

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