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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Playing for our tournament lives: The Hartford Preview

First, let me say that I was extremely excited about the win over UNH on Thursday. I was pretty down about the team's chances on the road. Thankfully UNH forgot how to shoot a basketball, and thankfully Corey Lowe put the team on his back and gave them a piggy-back ride to the win.

Jake and John had tough games - but you could tell the team was making a conscious effort to bring the ball into the paint, and not jack up another school record for 3-point attempts. We only tried 10, instead of 37 against Stony Brook. This time it was UNH making that mistake, going 4-31 out there (!) on their way to sub-30% shooting overall.

Today the Terriers travel to the location of this year's America East Tournament (Hartford 2010!!) to take on the Hawks. This is like the opposite of The Mighty Ducks: these Hawks are not good. That's not to say that we're going to win this game (anything is possible with the 2009-10 Terriers), but UHa is 2-12 with a 9 game losing streak. Draw your own conclusions.

Hopefully the Terriers will use their time to scout the place and make sure they are quite comfortable there when they return for the tourney. I hope they become experts on the Chase Family Arena. But how have we done in the past when scouting the tourney location?

Albany 09
@ Albany 62, BU 61
UMBC 79, BU 75

Binghamton 08
@Binghamton 69, BU 49
BU 68, Albany 64
Hartford 59, BU 52

Boston 07 (N/A)

Binghamton 06
@Binghamton 74, BU 51
Vermont 64, BU 61

Binghamton 05
@Binghamton 65, BU 48
Maine 47, BU 45

Boston 04 (N/A)

Boston 03 (N/A)

Northeastern 02
BU 95, @Northeastern 88
BU 86, Northeastern 76
BU 63, Hartford 60
BU 66, Maine 40

So let's see here. We haven't won at the location of the AE Tournament during the regular season since 2002, when we won the whole damn thing. Clearly, the lesson here is that we need to take care of business today against Hartford, and everything will work out perfectly on the first and second weekends of March! Make it happen!

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At 1:38 PM, Blogger The Hot Dog said...

So...we win the conference?

At 3:00 PM, Blogger Tall-boy said...

Yup... so it seems!


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