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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Aaaaaand, we're back: The Mount St. Mary's Preview

It's been quiet lately in these parts, as it has been in all of TerrierLand. The team has played only one game in the last two and a half weeks. Ditto for blog posts. You could say I had my own personal finals week.

But the Terriers are back tonight, and so am I. I'll be at tonight's game against Mount St. Mary's at the Roof. Maybe there will be a video or two.

We lost to the Mounters last year by 9, but MSM was better last year. They were picked preseason #1 in their conference this year, just like us, but have not been good so far even though they still have their best players from last year.

We need to beat teams like this (and Bucknell and Marist). This would give us our first 3 game winning streak going into the non-conference finale against Dayton - we can use all the momentum we can get!

Fun Fact: Mount St. Mary's is the most blasphemous school name in Division I ever since Boink St. Elizabeth's College dropped to D-3.

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