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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Whose fault is it?

This team is bad right now and looks like it's getting worse... thank God we're not playing NJIT this week. I don't think this season is a lost cause by any stretch -- at this point last year, things looked even more hopeless before it got turned around.

But a change needs to happen, and with the first conference game coming up on Thursday NOW is the time for it to happen.

Whose fault is it when the team falls behind by double-digits during the opening 5 minutes in back-to-back blowout losses due to defense -- the coaches drawing up the scheme and doing the scouting, or the players out there executing (or not executing, as the case may be)?

Whose fault is it that players reach for loose balls and go after rebounds with the intensity of a basset hound rather than a hyperactive Boston terrier -- the young ADULTS who are getting paid (tuition) to exert effort toward winning ballgames, or the coaches who are paid actual money (and in BU's case, a hefty chunk of it) in return for motivating these individuals?

Whose fault is it that the same players, shots and playbook that delivered 83 points on the road against Northeastern, a very good team, could manage barely half that at home 1 month later against Holy Cross, a very poor team?

I'm not inside Dennis Wolff's head. Nor am I inside John Holland's, Tyler Morris's, Scott Brittain's or Matt Wolff's. So I don't know what the problem is. And since the team has been bad for a few weeks now, apparently neither do they. If they did I'm sure the situation would be rectified.

This team has the tools -- players and coaches -- to be good, maybe even great. Nobody's getting fired during this season, and nobody's transferring away. These are the guys we're going to win with or lose with this year.

The real question is -- when is someone going to decide that in the end it really doesn't matter whose fault it is, and just fix it?

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At 8:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is Dennis Wolff's fault.
Why have so many of his players transfered to other schools, where they done so well?
Why do his teams look over their shoulders while playing, instead of getting to it?
Why is the BU basketball situation so joyless?
Why are so few of his former players ever interested in returning to alma mater for hoop events?
Dennis Wolff has outlasted his welcome by several seasons.
Instead of good players, and good kids, leaving the program, the time has come for Dennis to go away.
Maybe he can graduate with his son in the spring?

At 3:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you look at the list of schools in America East, as an institution, BU should be able to dominate that group.
Being around .500 overall and slightly above .500 in the league is a huge underachievement. Whose fault is that? Dennis Wolff!
He does not bring anything to the table to get excited about. A new coach, with a lot of enthusiasm, that wants to get BU to a level of achievability, even if it is a stepping stone job, is what is needed to infuse some life back into the program.

At 9:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dennis seems to have lost his mind and ability to coach a team the minute his son put on the scarlet and white.

Check the records since Matty has been on the floor.

Check the transfers of talented players since they have been benched behind Matty.

I hope Dennis gets canned.


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