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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Big Bounce Back: The New Hampshire Preview

What can we expect from the rest of the season? Don't ask me.

I thought the depleted Terriers would come out against Albany and pretty much lay down and die, and they responded with one of their most inspired efforts of the season. John Holland and Marques Johnson put the team on their backs, and if not for the benching of Corey Lowe they would have won the game.

The loss almost hurt more because I felt like they deserved it. A tough final minute by Scott Brittain, which contributed to the team's collapse, obscured his best game of the season and hopefully a sign of good things to come for Scott.

The final shot at the buzzer by Matt Wolff didn't fall. He's not my first choice for the last shot, but Holland and JOB were covered pretty well. It wasn't until BU was inbounding the ball with 8 seconds left, down by 1 point, that I remembered a healthy Corey Lowe was sitting on the bench and I was sad.

The Terriers, and John Holland in particular, were despondent after the tough loss, and today's game against New Hampshire will be an indicator if they can bounce back. Could the tough loss of two players be a catalyst for more focused play the rest of the season?


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