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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Top Dogs

Every year at the America East tournament, I kind of feel bad for UMBC. They are always the furthest from home and have among the least fans in attendance. They're pretty new to the conference, so nobody really respects them, and in their short tenure here they haven't had much success.

So I usually lightly root for them, just because I'd rather see them win than Binghamton or Albany, etc. Plus their pep band is sick, and their dance team was really hot too. Last year was good, since they broke through to the semifinals but lost to Vermont. Coming in as the underdogs, I would have liked to see them go even further.

Well, no more.

This year's UMBC Retrievers came out of nowhere to dominate the conference. They are kicking serious ass now, so they are no longer the lovable loser underdogs. What sucks about this UMBC team is that they have 2 transfers who are there for just 1 year - I think that's a pretty cheap way to achieve success. This year at the tournament, I will not root for UMBC.

I reserve the right to root for their dance team though.

Several weeks ago, UMBC made us look like chumps on our own floor ("Men against boys" is how Coach Wolff described it) in a 22 point thrashing. The High Roller responded to that loss with a blog post titled "OK, We Suck" and a lot of people agreed in the comments. Times were bad in Terrier Nation. But that was the old BU. These Terriers show up in Catonsville MD today as winners of 5 straight and legitimate contenders after taking care of Vermont on their own floor - can they do the same to UMBC?

I'll be there to find out.

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At 6:40 PM, Blogger The Hot Dog said...

My, how things have changed. Obviously not the same Terrier team that played UMBC last game. They showed that they can compete and maybe even win.

To be fair though, no Hodges for UMBC. But then again, no Strong for BU.

And it all makes me wonder what type of impact Carlos will have when he returns. I think it's safe to say John Holland has filled if not taken Los' role on the court.

I really really woulda loved to see a win today but BU fought hard the entire way. I give them credit and don't feel too bad about this loss.

And the UMBC dance team?? Really? BU puts them to shame. TO SHAME. Of all the UMBCDT members that were showed on TV today like half looked Asian (not that there's anything wrong with that). There was one smoking hot one (blonde) and the others looked okay. But I'll take the BUDT over them anyday.

At 7:42 PM, Blogger Tall-boy said...

Back in their hey-day, nobody could touch the UMBCDT. But you are right, they have lost a step and now BUDT is right up there with them.


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