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Friday, February 01, 2008

Great Brittain

I'll let the High Roller fill our readers in on the finer points of our experience in Boston last weekend (if he can remember any of them), but in the meantime there were two basketball games in the last week that merit mention.

The outcomes were different, and in each case the fortunes of the Terriers hinged on one Scott Brittain. At home against Vermont, Scott helped BU claim a 1 point lead at halftime, only to leave the game early in the second half with his 4th foul, allowing UVM to take command and we never recovered. Ibe went insane in the first half with 3 blocks, almost all in row - which really got the crowd going. John Holland had another really solid game, and Tyler looks like he's finally becoming himself again.

Highlights of this one included relentlessly heckling Vermont's #12 for airballing one shot and then -- I shit you not -- shooting over the shot clock on top of the basket when he was standing in the low block area of the paint. Worst shot I have ever seen in my life. One of their other guys airballed a free throw too, so we let him have it. It was fun to heckle Marqus Blakely too for his lame Mr. T haircut, but it wasn't as fun since he torched us for a double-double and rejected two BU dunks.

Fast forward to last Wednesday at Maine. This was one of BU's best games of the year. They never trailed, played great defense and won the turnover margin by a bunch. Holland, again, was fantastic, but the story was Scott. He went off for a career high 22 points. And the key? He didn't get whistled for his first foul until the last few minutes of the game. Scott really is our only offensive threat in the paint, so keeping him out of foul trouble needs to be a priority in the future.

BU got a nice surprise in the unexpected return of Corey Lowe - kid didn't even practice last week, and all of sudden shows up in Maine ready to ball. Surprised everyone, including the equipment manager, who didn't even bring Corey's #13 jersey on the trip. So, trooper that he is, Corey threw on the #14 and dropped in 7 points in limited minutes.

By the way, if you told me at the beginning of the year that in one game Carlos, Corey and Tyler would combine for 15 points and BU still won the game.... I would have punched you in the face and told you to never lie to me again.

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