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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Seawolves See Wolff

The scariest thing about Saturday's tilt with the mighty Seawolves of the Stony Brook, was that before the game BU and SBU sported identical 4-12 (1-3) records. Ugh, talk about depressing

FYI for those who don't know, according to the SBU website a seawolf is "a mythical sea creature and according to the legend of the Seawolf, anyone fortunate enough to view it was subject to good luck." However a quick search of Wikipedia found no listing for such a mythical creature, so maybe SBU would have been better off sticking with one of their previous nicknames, like Patriots (used from 1966-94) or Warriors (1960-66). Admittedly, the Stony Brook "Soundmen" (1957-60) was pretty lame.

Anyway, even though the High Roller stole some of my thunder on this, my recap of the game will consist only of the text message exchange between the HR and myself during the second half:

High Roller: i hope marques fouls out
Tall boy: we are terrible if matt wolff is the key to our comeback
High Roller: they didnt see it coming. not looking bad right now
Tall boy: remember that this is against stony brook
High Roller: right

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