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Friday, January 25, 2008

Home court advantage?

Tonight the Terriers take on the hated Vermont Catmounters (I am traveling though Jersey on my way to the game right now, and it stinks worse than I remember). Apparently, this is the first regular season America East game that is nationally televised -- so all 47 of you who get ESPNU, check your local listings.

And supposedly, this is a "home" game for us... in the brand-spanking new Agganis Arena a.k.a. The Greek. The only problem is, these Catamounts have almost as much experience playing in that building as we do. Two games a year and no practices does not equal a home court. Luckily, the majority of the crowd will be wearing Terrier scarlet, but the actual court itself is pretty foreign to our own team.

Consider the numbers. First of all, we are 2-7 in all games at The Greek, a far cry from the 194-84 record compiled at The Roof.

OK, maybe you'd bring up the fact that we play all our "marquee" (read: tougher) games in Agganis. I'll grant you that, but that doesn't explain our historically piss-poor shooting there. See for yourself:

02/12/05 Vermont 42%
02/20/05 Northeastern 33%
11/22/05 Michigan 35%
11/29/05 Rhode Island 28%

Data was not available for the rest of the games (actually I just got tired of looking them up) - but you can see a trend developing. Trust me, our shooting was just as shitty -- or shittier -- than the games listed above.

Anyway, hope we can pull this out tonight, we'll be front and center at the Greek

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