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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

"Bracketbuster" (note the quotations)

Our "bracketbuster" match-up has been announced, and we will play St. Peters on Feb. 23rd. This is one of four bracketbuster games for America East, bringing some slight recognition to our conference. Of course, looking at all of the matchups now, there are a hell of a lot of bracketbuster matchups. It'd be sad if we had less than, say, the MAAC. Which we do.

Anyway, St. Peters is 2-10 in the MAAC, and 5-17 overall. Their signature win is against Rutgers.

This match-up leads me to believe that the NCAA is really stretching for Bracketbusters, because I seriously find it hard to believe that either of these teams' brackets will be busted by this game. In fact, it's actually quite obvious that the only way either team will make the tourney in March is with a win of each team's respective conference tournament.

But it's always fun to pretend. See you in wherever the hell St. Peters is.

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