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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Big, Big, Big Game Tonight

Yeah, it's big. If we can manage a win tonight, that would put us ahead of Binghamton in the America East standings. It's too early for me to try to make any guesses on seeding for the tournament, but I think we're safe enough to not have to play the Friday night play-in game.
But with UNH and Maine close behind us, who knows?

Let's hope we can get enough fans at the game to give us a real homecourt advantage. Hopefully the Sports Marketing Department is doing their part and won't drop the ball, unlike the Vermont game. Granted, there were a decent number of kids there, but in our section behind one of the hoops, it seemed more like 5 rows of people waiting for a bus instead of watching a basketball game.

Getting people there is only half the battle, and almost pointless unless you get people into the game. Sure, they provide BU towels to wave and pompoms for whatever, but with five minutes left in the game, they were still sitting in a box, instead of being waved by fans. My memory is fuzzy, but aparently I ran around handing out all that shit try to get the fans into down the home stretch. I guess it was fun, and I was drunk so I didn't care about acting like a retard, but my point is they should have someone doing that, before the game gets going.

Anywayyyyy, after that little rant I forgot what the point of this post was. Maybe there is no point. If you're in Boston, go to the game. Unless you are a SUNY fan. If you can't make it, listen to it here.


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