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Sunday, January 15, 2006

We'll Be OK

There has to be a point somewhere during the season when you have to accept the fact that the team you thought you had at the beginning is not going to live up to lofty expectations. We knew BU had last a lot coming into this season, but I think we all still thought of the Terriers as one of the top teams in the America East. We were just so used to seeing them at the top of those standings.

I think it's time to re-evaluate. Look at the standings now; we're right in the middle of the pack (6th actually!). Our record stands at 5-10, and we're 2-2 in the conference. And although we're only 4 games in, it's obvious we're not going to steam-roll over the rest of the league.

So let's look at the bright side of this. I think it is going to make for a more exciting season. Instead of worrying about positioning for the NIT or the #1 seed (as we have in past years), we have to jockey for a position within the AE tournament. Maybe see if we can snag one of those top 4 spots. Of course, as we all know the seedings never really helped us in the past anyway! This means every game will be more meaningful, and I think more games will be exciting to watch/listen to. In fact, the Terriers' last four losses (Albany, UMBC, Holy Cross, and Bucknell) have been nail-biters that came down to the last minute. Our losses are largely a function of our inexperience, and I think we will improve in those late-game situations as the season goes on.

Bottom line: let's not panic, enjoy this season where anything can happen, and turn it up at tournament time.
Go Terriers!


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