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Friday, November 20, 2009

Time to Crean House: The Indiana Preview

If there was ever a year to beat mighty Indiana University in basketball... well, it was last year when they only won 6 games. But this year is a close second.

So far, the Hoosiers have taken out two competitors below BU's level, and then looked overmatched last night against Ole Miss. Why are they so bad? Well, their old coach cheated. Something about illegal texting and cell phone calls (see below). That's not very Indiana-like.

It's sad to see such a once-proud program reduced to a Binghamton-like level. But like I've said about Binghamton, that's what happens when you take shortcuts.

This will essentially be a home game for Coach Tom Crean's Indiana. They had the most fans by far (although we didn't see the Villanova game). Maybe I can get one of them to explain on camera why it was so unfair that they got hit will all sorts of sanctions by the NCAA.

Bottom line: we can win this game. The Terriers looked better last night, and that was without Corey Lowe for half the game.

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At 8:16 AM, Anonymous Andy Sharon said...

I kept a positive attitude throughout the entire game.

At 9:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am assuming that the boys are sleeping off the effects of way too many celebratory mojitos and that is why we don't have a new post yet !!!



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