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Thursday, November 19, 2009

BU Takes on Kansas's Junior Varsity Team: The Kansas State Preview

Tonight we head into the first game of the Puerto Rico Tip-Off against
Kansas State. The Wildcats come into the game 2-0 after torching two
lame opponents who aren't even worth mentioning. BU comes in at 0-2
after losing 2 forgettable games to teams we should have beaten. On
paper, this game is a tremendous mismatch.

Whether this game turns into that mismatch depends on if the Terriers
can correct some of the major problems plaguing them during the awful
GW loss. Namely SHOOTING. Gotta put the ball in the basket. We did
better in other areas, like slowing down the tempo to avoid foul
trouble. Turnovers still need to be cut down.

KSU brings an experienced team that is athletic and should contend for
an NCAA berth. A tough task for the Terriers.

But do you think of basketball when you think KSU? Me neither.
Perpetually drunk Miami Heat player Michael Beasley spent 1 year there
and probably learned how to drink there. The High Roller says Kansas
State makes him think of the good Kansas basketball team, the one that
is ranked #1.

We're hoping for a good competitive game tonight. Go Terriers!

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