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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

BU Coaching Rumor Roundup: Candidates floating out there

The BU coaching position is one of the hottest openings this year, and will attract plenty of interest from some big names. It's getting a lot of ink far and wide, so I figured I'd periodically sum everything up.

For now, I'll mention some of the names that have been published elsewhere. By the way, none of these people have a damn clue about what's being said inside the BU Athletic Dept., they're just making guesses. There's no real hard news being reported.

  • The Boston Globe got the ball rolling right after the firing with its list of candidates. It mentions Louisville assistants Walter McCarty and Steve Masiello, former Providence head coach Tim Welsh, current BU assistant Orlando Vandross, Pittsburgh assistant Tom Herrion, BC assistant Pat Duquette, and Providence assistant Pat Skerry. But it spends most of the article (and the headline: "Younger Pitino on BU list") focusing on Richard Pitino Jr. Richard is an assistant at Louisville under his pops, who of course began his coaching career at BU. The article quotes the younger Pitino, "I would be very interested."

  • Pat Forde of ESPN.com pimps McCarty for the job, despite only having 2 years of assistant coaching under his belt. He appears to dismiss Masiello for the BU job, saying he might go for a "higher-profile opening" like DePaul.

  • Andy Katz, also at ESPN.com, mentions Forde's pick of McCarty, in addition to Herrion and Duquette. He said the BU job will "command a lot of interest."

  • Howard Herman of the Berkshire Eagle of Pittsfield, MA, must have gone to grade school with Duquette or something, because he seems to think he's the best assistant since John the Baptist. He dismisses Pitino Jr. as only having been a college assistant for five years, and says Mike Lynch should "look no farther than down the other end of Commonwealth Ave."

  • Katz again flogs Duquette, Herrion, Pitino Jr. and Welsh, but this time throws Florida Atlantic assistant Mike Jarvis II into the mix (as if there weren't already enough nepotism in this coaching search).

  • Bill Reynolds of the Providence Journal mentions Pitino Jr. as a candidate in passing. In a carzy coincidence, however, just a day before Wolff's firing he wrote a long story about what an awesome guy Tim Welsh is.

  • Lenny Megliola of the Milford Daily News mentions Pitino Jr., saying "it's just a matter of time before he's a head coach."

  • Our friends at America Least have a funny list of assistant coaches from around the country seemingly chosen at random. But just in case they happen to be right, I'll list them here: LaFleur at UConn, Georgetown's Robery Burke, Steve DeMeo at Central Florida, Eric Eaton at Quinnipiac and TJ Sorrentine who is an assistant at Brown (btw, yuo have permission to murder me if he ever becomes our coach).

  • The Globe chimes back in and says that Tim Welsh said he would definitely be interested in the BU position. We also see former Harvard coach (and current America East head of officials) Frank Sullivan's name for the first time.

  • Finally, the bloggers at HoopDirt.com have a whole list of candidates, which includes everyone already mentioned here plus UConn assistant Andre LaFleur, Minnesota Timberwolves assistant Ed Pinckney and Bentley head coach Jay Lawson -- I have not seen any of those guys mentioned in the traditional media.

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At 11:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The biggest pimp in college basketball is Rick Pitino, and his friends in the media will push anyone that Rickboy wants pushed.
Reynolds and Blauschun are two of the worst offenders. If Rickyboy told them to pimp Bernie Madoff for the BU job, they would.

At 9:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Several posts back you mentioned that Wolff has not had many transfers. Tallboy, I wish you would wake up about this situation. Those kids did not transfer, they were pushed out of the program by Wolff. Tony Gaffney would have stayed along with the other 7 or 8 players that were not going to get their yearly contract renewed. Players are basically on a year to year contract. Most college coaches keep their word for four years unless something major happens to the student. This was never the case in the last several years. All the kids who left were good solid kids and it was the dispicable angry Coach Wolff who did them all in and hurt the program as well. How could he keep Tony Gaffney around and still play his son for 35 min per game. Wolff hurt a lot of kids who were forced to leave and he hurt the program as well. This is the TRUTH

At 1:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To "This is the TRUTH" ... Hear, Hear!!!
Wolff ran off good kids, who were also good players. The number of them that left over the past four years is truly astounding.

Look at all of the ex-hockey players that come back to games. How many of Wolff's former players come back to games? Hell, they couldn't even get them back for the first hoop game at Agganis.
That says a great deal about how the former players felt about Wolff.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

At 4:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Tim Welsh is becomes the BU coach, Lynch will have seriously screwed up

At 9:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The Truth" you're off base on the Gaffney thing. Tony Gaffney left BU because he was caught cutting classes too often. Wolff used to have his administrative assistants do random classroom checks. Gaffney got caught skipping class too many times, so he was suspended. He then met with Coach Wolff and promised that he would go to class, he gave a tearful speech to the team about how he was sorry that he let them down and promised that it would never happen again once he was re-instated. After this tearful speech within a week he was absent from two classes without an excuse and for that was dismissed from the team.

Now Etienne Brower, he was a kid that Wolff chased out of the program.


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