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Friday, December 05, 2008

Two Things

1. Props to JOB
It hasn't been mentioned yet, but props to Jake O'Brien for taking Rookie of the Week honors this week. He's been a monster, lately. Had a helluva game on Wednesday, and if he plays just as well tomorrow, he could make it two weeks in a row.

2. It's fun beating on privileged kids
Just ask Corey Lowe, John Holland, and Jake O'Brien. These three went to town on Harvard Wednesday night, but it wasn't just them. The entire team functioned like a fairly-well-oiled machine. I thought we could have reached 90 points, if not for a big drought towards the end of the game. Still, we won convincingly over what I've heard is a pretty good Harvard team.

Up Next: Marshall, Saturday, 3 PM, at the Greek. Be there.


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