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Thursday, December 04, 2008

BU claims the Territory of Allston

There was a lot to feel good about in tonight's big blowout win over Harvard! As I mentioned before, the Crimson are not a bad team this year and will win a lot of games by the time this year is over. That said, BU played their second-best game of the season and Harvard had no chance.

It seems like we have a new three-headed monster on campus, and its name is Jakney O'Hollowe. Corey goes off for 20 points... Again. Holland sleepwalks to 17. JOB cruises to 18 points, and this time adds 8 boards. These guys playing this well together makes a potent offensive attack, and real matchup problems for any opponent.

We had a team effort and did the little things. Like making 75% of our free throws and outrebounding a bigger team with hustle - those are two things we failed miserable against the Mount. And winning the turnover battle. Overall, BU shot 48% from the field, which only sank below 50% because of the scoring drought over the last 8 minutes of the game, when the outcome was already decided.

Props to two guys in particular today. Vlad Sirutis got his first significant playing time of the year after Scotty B and JOB picked up some early fouls. He knocked down his first shot of the year, a money 3-pointer in the first half, and played solid defense. And Tyler Morris played his best game of the year so far, despite only netting 7 points. He hustled for 6 rebounds and dished out 6 assists (we'll let the 6 turnovers slide tonight). His shots still weren't falling, but he's figuring out how to contribute.

The guys most LOVE these road games that they could probably walk to. They seem relaxed, and and quite a few of our fans make the short trip over (you guys were LOUD on the radio broadcast - well done!!). Too bad BC refuses to play us, the pussies.

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