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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Back to full strength (I hope!)

When the Terriers take the court in Durham NH tomorrow, they will be a full team for the first time since 1/18 against Stony Brook, a span of 6 games. When Corey went down, I resolved to not shave until he came back, and then when Omari got hurt, I extended the Bic-boycott until he came back too. The team's injuries have been killing my luck with the ladies - needless to say, I hope the PT folks have been doing their job.

That said, I don't know whether Omari will be back tomorrow is a certainty, but Wolff did say last week that if the Binghamton game was a day later, Omari might have played. So chances are good he's ready.

Note: For the rest of the year, "full strength" will mean without Matt Wolff - the radio guys said it's been decided that he's done for the year now. No word on whether he can petition the NCAA for an extra year of eligibility, but maybe his dad knows a guy who knows a guy.


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