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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Turnaround (Bright eyes....)

Soooo... at the beginning of last week, we had just lost our sixth game in a row, this one the most demoralizing yet. Despite the rejuvenation of Carlos Strong, we lost our first conference game of the season in double-OT to Hartford, even though we led by 18 halfway through the second half.

Fast forward one week: BU wins their next 3 games over 5 days, each in more convincing fashion than the last.

First, BU hangs on for dear life at home against Maine, in a game that was way too close to the Hartford game for comfort. Maine's Kevin Reed couldn't miss, and the other four Black Bears were comatose the entire game. In the process, the Wolffman picked up his 100th career win in the Roof.

Next was BU's most impressive win of the season, in one of the conference's toughest playing environments. The boys went down to Binghamton, home of several parking garages and some guy named Phil who let us sleep at his house, and took a win from a dangerous Bearcat team. No word on whether any of the fans did the retarded pizza box thing.

Finally, the legendary Wolff defense basically sewed UNH's assholes shut and held the Wildcats to an embarrassing 29 points. Astoundingly, no UNH player scored over 5 points during that BU victory. Corey Lowe finished off his AE Rookie of the Week-winning stretch by leading the Terriers in scoring for the third game in a row.

And that's how the boys put together their first winning streak.


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