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Friday, August 13, 2010

Obligatory Summer Post

It's something of an annual tradition here at BU Hoops Blog where we write up until the night before the last game of the season, then we lose and then it's radio silence right through to next season -- no mention of how the season ended or why we lost the last game or even a recap of the past 5 months. Usually we're just too depressed from a conference tourney gone wrong, which, when combined with laziness, is a deadly cocktail.

This year we took it a step further. Not only did we refuse to write about that tear-inducing loss to the Catmounters on ESPN2, but we didn't even mention BU's barnstorming tour through the College Basketball Invitational. A blowout of the PAC-10/12's Oregon State Beavers, a home-court overtime win over Morehead St and a good showing against VCU in the semis were not enough to get our carcasses off the couch onto the blog (though we of course watched all those games intently). And it was all punctuated by Corey Lowe's do-si-do with a pro agent, a story ripped from the headlines at USC or Memphis or Kentucky.

However, like the on-court Terriers, we feel like we had a great season. The trip in November to cover the Puerto Rico Tip-Off was the experience of a lifetime and a blogventure unlikely to be topped for the duration of this website.

Next year holds a lot of promise. Though not the exotic San Juan, I think we can count on a trip for this blog to the Preseason NIT in Philly. The schedules are trickling out and we have reams of untested freshman to hype up and to nickname. We have Hartford 2011 to look forward to. And of course, as dictated by tradition, we have bombastic predictions of vast improvement and impact relating to the skills of one Jeffrey Pelage.

Let this be our emergence from the shadows. We won't be posting every day of course, but once every week or two should be enough to whet everyone's appetite for the coming season.

With that...Vermont sucks. Talk to you soon.

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