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Saturday, February 13, 2010


When they left the court, it really looked like the Terriers knew how much that game against Vermont could have meant.

BU played one of their best games of the season, but unfortunately so did the Catmounters.

We stormed back from big deficits to get back into the game, thanks to some huge plays from John Holland and Carlos Strong. Sometime late in the second half, I told myself, "No matter who wins, this is a fantastic college basketball game." With a minute left, we led by 4 and Tyler (who averages 90% at the line) was shooting a free throw. Fast forward to 9 seconds left, and we're down 1. With a chance to win the game, Corey Lowe dribbled the ball off his foot, and the game was over.

Corey was in tears coming off the court, but I don't blame him for the loss. He just made a mistake.

I'm hoping the team can take the Vermont game and use it as motivation for the America East tournament. They've proven they can play with, if not beat, every team in the conference.

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At 3:05 PM, Anonymous BUfan said...

It was a heartbreaker but it was a good game. The Terriers put up a tough fight but it just wasn't their night. Hopefully the third time's the charm.

Go BU!


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