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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Steers and Jeers: The Texas Review

I attempted to watch this game on my Motorola Droid while on the New Jersey Turnpike on Sunday night.  See, the University of Texas started up this cute little television network with ESPN called the Longhorn Network that everyone seems to like, especially Texas's friends in the Big XII Conference.  And this past weekend, the Longhorn Network had a free preview to show everyone how awesome it is!  And imagine, it was the BU game they wanted to show off for everyone!
It didn't take too long to realize why the UT powers-that-be wanted this game to be seen by many:  it was a complete and utter blowout. 

It was hard for me to tell exactly what was going on - viewing the choppy video on my phone meant staggered audio, frozen video frames, and having to refresh the whole damn thing every couple minutes or so.  And to be honest, things we're going OK when we were leading 19-18 with 6 minutes to go in the first half.  But it became clear, in between refreshes, that BU was too small, too slow and outhustled.  It turned into a 36-point loss -- one of the worst I can remember.

Texas, despite losing a few guys to the NBA sitting around on the couch, has some serious athletes, some of whom could not be stopped.  J'Covan Brown, for example, with a relaxed 28 points.

Normally, I'd finish this blog post with a "steers and queers" joke, but I can't.  We've been humbled by the Longhorns.



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